Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in East Cambridgeshire

The Kings Arms

12 St. Marys Street, Ely, Cambridgeshire

A good example of small inns in the city, the king's arms opened in 1807. There are records of cars leaving the village inn in London with Downham. The inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a three-year-old child who fell into a water tank in the yard in the late 1800s with drowned. A legend long time Ely is the sound of monks chanting their ghostly escort in an open boat with the body of a woman as they pass along the river to Ely coffin. The corpse was that of Saint Withburga, fired from his tomb at East Dereham by monks. Witnesses report his body to have been uncorrupted when discovered half a century after his death. People stole this body on the orders of the Abbot of Ely. Shortly after, a source of holy water appeared on the website of the empty tomb of the saint in Dereham.