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The Sun Inn

High Street, Dedham, Colchester, Essex

There is a mischievous phantom that hides in the The Sun Inn at Dedham . He moves personal items about. This five centuries-old inn has even attracted the attention of the local police. Here witnesses have seen the ghost of a weeping woman, in bedrooms and on the main landing. She is Eisa, a girl who had worked here. Authorities hanged her as a convicted witch in the pub grounds. Eisa was the last woman to be executed for witchcraft in Essex. Some witnesses have reported her as standing outside the pub, dressed in a black cape or cloak, with carrying a bundle of clothing. On one occasion, a man told Anglia TV that a female apparition had held a door open for him. The county had the worst reputation for executing witches. Almost 400 were hanged or burned between 1566 and 1645. There was also the dreadful sentence of mangling, where the bodies of witches were broken up and then burned. Many of these incidents followed investigations and torture by Matthew Hopkins, Witchfinder General. At the Sun Hotel, decorative plates are thrown from walls by invisible forces. Poltergeists wreak havoc with electric light fittings and switches. Furthermore, there have been sounds of chairs being dragged through the Sun Hotel during the night.