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Brook Red Lion Hotel

High Street, Colchester

This is an ancient hostelry with history from 1465. The Brook Red Lion has many fine Tudor features and is a First-grade protected building, situated in the middle of Colchester. In 1086, Colnceastre was a Roman town on the River Colne. However, it could have been named prior to that as the fort of the Celtic war god, Camulous. Inside, this splendid inn has exposed wooden beams in Tudor style red with gold fabrics. There are several ghosts haunting the building, the most ancient being Alice Katherine Millar, who was murdered here in1638 and haunts rooms five and six. She disappears through a doorway, which was bricked up many years ago! For over two centuries, the establishment immediately dismissed any employee mentioning this ghost. Recently an assistant manager awoke at three a.m. as he felt an electric shock run through his body. Looking around his room and at a rocking chair when he saw the ghost of Alice appear. She asked him if he were all right. When he replied ‘Yes’, she disappeared. There are two other ghosts at the Red Lion. There is a young girl in a white dress. She has been seen in corridors and bedrooms. There is another ghost, that of a monk in a black habit with a wooden cross on his breast. Many trials of witches took place around Colchester, and may well have taken place at this hotel. In one record, it was stated that under Judge Coniers, fourteen witches were hanged in July 1645.