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The Victoria

69 West Street, Dunstable, Bedfordshire

A young lad haunts the rear of the building where the stables once stood. He lost his job after an injury prevented him from returning to work. The stable groom had seriously injured his hand in a door. His ghost appears with a roughly bandaged hand with arm. Pubs named this are usually after Queen Victoria. It gives an indication of when they opened. The story of Sally the Dunstable Witch with the Bottled Curse has been around the town since the late 19th century. A number of long-term residents remember adults telling them as children not to hang around after dark in the area surrounding the graveyard of the Priory Church of St Peter. After her death, Sally terrorised the town with the priory. People called in a travelling priest in to exorcise Sally’s ghost. However, the witch would not go quietly. The priest told everybody to keep out of the way. He backed her into a corner. Then he took a firm hold of her shoulders, pushed her into a bottle, and corked it. Legend has it that the progenitor buried the bottle under a cairn of stones. The warning that no one should move it or Sally would return to Dunstable.