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Cross Keys

13 High Street, Pulloxhill, Bedfordshire

By night, this pub, five centuries old, is home to a Cavalier officer from the English Civil War. Someone murdered him nearby. His ghost, witnesses have seen, in a plumed hat, a neatly pointed beard, with long cloak. Now, because of the number of ghostly sightings at this inn, authorities have raised it to a Grade 5 on the Haunted List. Grade 6 is where someone produces an actual photograph. The Phantom Society and other investigators have inspected this pub. Each team reported several ghosts. Blue lights moving across the bar room floor. The ghost of a woman, dressed in grey, witnesses have seen, sitting in the inglenook fireplace, as has a man in a brown, 1930s style suit. A regular customer as a former proprietor recognised this man. Several customers will not sit near the fireplace as reports say it makes the hair on their neck rise. In one instance, a stranger was having a meal near the fireplace when a cast iron lion, from above the fireplace, fell onto his plate. This was a mystery, since this decorative lion was secure.