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The Unicorn

22 Church Lane, Trumpington, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

The Unicorn is a mid-Victorian style inn that has changed little since the building dates from 1858 on the site of a previous pub. Its name was after a fabulous creature, which had a horse’s body with a single horn projecting from its forehead. The inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a little girl sitting on a bed with black shadows along the landing. In the mid-1700s, the authorities brought a woman called Mother Sivill before magistrates. The court was sitting at Trumpington. The authorities had accused her of witchcraft. However, it seems that basis of the evidence pertained to the facts that she was old, lived on her own, with had two cats, communicators with the devil. Unfortunately, history does not reveal what happened to Mother Sivill. It could be Mother Sivill is still haunting the Unicorn. There have been sightings over the years of an old woman. She is somewhat bent, dressed in black, and with a shawl around her shoulders.