Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Bedford

The Kings Arms

24 St. Marys Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire

Presently here is an alluring town pub, plainly inherent the early 1800s with the background of a square-towered church behind it. No less than two phantoms frequent this pub. In 1994, there was the first locating of the apparition in the basement by a representative of the distillery. The ghost, witnesses depict, as an old man wearing a short-sleeved white shirt. He has the propensity of tossing basins around. He additionally had the capacity to strip down beer taps. After they have been cleaned and left to dry, the phantom will dissect them. This, as per the proprietor "is no mean deed". The second phantom is that of a young person. Witnesses have seen with heard him. He strolls about on the upper floor. Often the pub puppy will bark at nothing obvious. At that point, the floorboards, audience members listen, squeaking. An unseen entity has tossed Old nails at clients. The nails were the sort made by metal forgers numerous years back.