Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Bedford

The Crown Inn

Green End, Little Staughton, Bedford, Bedfordshire

There are some odd nicknames given to ghosts that haunt many of the English inns. Usually something prosaic such as ‘Old Fred’, ‘The Red Monk’ or ‘Aloysius’, to imply the licensees have a sense of humour. However, this one is brilliant. He is ‘Old pork with lard’, a proprietor from many years ago. One can assume from that he has a jolly sort of cove, well fed on meat with beer. The story is that this proprietor died just before the birth of his first child. He has remained earthbound since. His footsteps, reporters have heard, in empty rooms. His ghost, witnesses have seen, on many occasions. He described as a large man wearing a striped waistcoat with leather trousers.