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Bull Nosed Bat

14-15 St Pauls Square, Bedford, Bedfordshire

Once called the Bullnose Bat in St Paul’s Square, this was the site of a gruesome discovery around 2010. At that time, the pub was undergoing a major refurbishment. This is when authorities found with removed a number of skeletons. Many years ago, this site had been a cemetery. It may well be that these old bodies are among the ghosts of those who had been interred here that haunt the pub. Assistant mangers have reported seeing bottles fly across the bar of their own volition with fall into a waste bin. Customers also witnessed the event. One barman also reported a phantom cat, which kept appearing in his bedroom, even though the door and window were not open. A previous manager’s puppy would not go near an area at the exit door where customers have reported a cold spot.