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The Bildeston Crown

104 High Street, Bildeston, Suffolk

The inn dates from 1495, with there , people have claimed, to be at least four phantoms on the premises. One is a woman in a grey costume, seen in the stables where sReports claim that to have hanged herself; an aged man in a tricorne hat; and two children in ragged, Victorian style dress, one holding a music box. Throughout the village, there are accounts of individuals being touched as they sit drinking in the pub. During the night, there , listeners hear, strange footsteps and knocking sounds on internal walls. A local police officer undertook an investigation here, some forty years ago. However, this was all to no avail, he found no conclusive evidence. An investigative journalist, who stayed in room 15, had left his towels neatly piled on top of the chest of drawers. However, when he returned, they had been thrown untidily across the bed. During the night, he awakened several times by weird wailing sounds.