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Swan Hotel and Spa

High Street, Lavenham

A splendid building with Tudor style façade of white painted brickwork and black timbering, the Swan Hotel is a former coaching inn from the early 19th century. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a former housekeeper, who committed suicide within the building many years ago. There have been several accounts of her taking her life in this manner. She had been engaged to marry, with then became pregnant. The couple brought forward their wedding day. However, on the day of arranged ceremony, the bridegroom fled. She was left, abandoned at the church, awaiting his arrival, with then received the dreadful news. Still dressed in her wedding finery, she returned to the Swan Hotel. There she hanged herself in her bedroom in the old servants’ quarters. The distraught woman , witnesses have seen, in ghostly residence since, with manifests wearing the long black dress of her occupation.