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Bull Hotel

Hall Street, Long Melford

For many years, this building, six centuries old, was hidden under a Georgian frontage. When it was renovated, over 60 years ago, its original splendour of timbering reports revealed. One of the timbers is carved as a ‘woodwose’, a wild man of yore, who roamed the county and appears in much of its mythology. Over 400 years ago, a man called Richard Everard , an assailant took this person’s life, at the Bull Inn, with his killer went to the gallows. Now both of them still haunt the building. In one curious incident, a number of dining room chairs , people found, grouped around the fireplace, as though there had been a number of people sitting there. These chairs had not been arranged in this manner the previous night. In another incident, a fire started on a carpet almost six feet away from a fireplace, which was not in use at the time. Another legend is of two men. These , witnesses saw, with heard to have an argument over politics. It became so heated that one pulled a knife and stabbed the other. The blood-covered victim , witnesses saw, stretched out in the hallway. Witnesses ran to get help. However, when they returned, his body had disappeared, as had the other man. The murdered man is the ghost that haunts one of the guest bedrooms.