Welcome to Our Brand New Website


We are an authority on haunted establishments. We launched this website on Halloween 2019. It is an encyclopedia of haunted hotels and inns that continue to allow you to stay overnight. It is a specialized variant of GhostPubs.com that we launched back in 2013. The emphasis back then was not geared toward haunted establishments that offer accommodation. This one is and we are proud of our haunted listings. We have collected our reports from a combination of books on the subject, newspaper articles, information passed to us from social media, breweries, pub chains, and finally staff and ex-staff from haunted pubs. We are frequently approached for featured articles in the press. For example, The Publican’s Morning Advertiser and the North West Evening Mail have written about us. We have regular interviews with BBC Radio too.

We have launched our brand new Haunted Hostelries website. So, welcome to our brand new website. Here, we intend to list some 800 or so hotels and inns over the next year. We have researched the backstories and hopefully, you'll them. It's going to be great. Please do not forget that these are living and breathing hotels where you can stay and maybe even meet a ghost or two.